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Garage Door Contractor

Garage Door Contractor

We Repair Garage Door Springs, Openers, Tracks and Sensors and Ensure Safety

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Garage Door Cables

Garage Door Cables

Our team of garage door experts has a vast experience in cables and tracks' repair

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Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener

The opener’s lights flash but the door does not open? Call us now

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Garage Door Repair Amityville

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Welcome to our company Garage Door Repair Amityville

We provide outstanding garage door repair services 24/7 using the most advanced equipment in New York and our great knowledge after long and strict training. We are familiar with all brands, promise first-class repair parts and excellent same day maintenance service.

Some of the brands we provide service for: Genie, Liftmaster, Sears, Craftsman, Allister, Chamberlain, and more!
Address: Ireland Pl
Amityville,New York
Zip code: 11701
Phone: 631-478-6845

Hours of Operation:

We accept cash, credit cards, and checks.
Choose the best garage door service provider for your home, office or industrial unit. Quality door and components available to suit all budgets and tastes.

It's not strange that customers have high expectations! As a long time professional service provider, “Garage Door Repair Amityville” knows that expectations are high due to the utility of garage systems. They are not toys and so they are not installed just to decorate homes in New York. They have plenty of responsibilities and so do we! Our responsibility is to provide the right garage door service, one that will ensure the stability and good balance of the door. Once this is achieved, all other problems are gone and this is of the essence for your safety. So, your own well-being and convenience are the main goals of our company and we can assure you that the services we provide ensure both in a remarkable way.

Garage Door Repair Services

We Are Here To Ensure Your Safety

We have walked a long route over the years. It was a path full of experiences, which only made us stronger and more knowledgeable. Our decisions have made us more powerful and one of the greatest garage door companies in terms of infrastructures, manpower and capacities. We do have a great professional team for your needs and our services are to your satisfaction. They cover every single overhead door problem and every single need you might have with any other type of door. How can we be so confident that our services will make a difference to the way your garage door operates? We simply know garage systems well. We have amazing expertise in troubleshooting and know why springs break, how long they last and what they need in order to work properly.

Let us give you an idea. Most residential doors take one torsion spring. If you install a second one, you will be sure that if the first one breaks the door will still move. Why do springs break? It's very simple! Made of steel coils that stretch in order to lift the heavy door, springs get loose and worn easily! In fact, every time they open and close the door some of their power is gone. Depending on their application and way they are manufactured, their lifespan would be shorter or longer. If you consider that average residential springs are meant to last for about ten thousand cycles (the times the door opens and closes) and add to that the tension they lose every time, you can understand why our garage door spring repair services are crucial.

It's not peculiar that our garage door repair company in Amityville has a great number of technicians. Taking care of electric garage door problems with speed is essential. Problems always hide under symptoms. You see your door sagging to the side and you cannot tell why! Let us take care of it! Sometimes, the answer is straight forward but often there is need for troubleshooting. What is troubleshooting? It's a way of checking why the door is behaving in a certain way. Let's take for example the sagging door. Our experience allows us to know that the reason for the sagging overhead door could a broken cable, a damaged extension spring, a broken pulley, a poorly balanced door or something wrong with the opener settings. By examining every single possibility, we exclude the reasons for the symptom until we find the real suspect.

That's what our company can do! We can find the true suspects among all garage door parts when there is no obvious damage with any of them. Of course, we have the solutions as well. We provide the right garage door repairs, which could involve the alignment of the tracks, the adjustment of the door or the replacement of a broken pulley. What makes things even more complicated in our job is the fact that solutions are not always straight forward either. In order for us to balance the door, we have to adjust the springs since these are the parts which ensure door balance. This is why our professional knowledge is invaluable to you. Such urgent problems can lead to accidents, inconveniences and home insecurity. We assure every client that our company offers quick emergency services. We have the right team ready, the vans equipped and the proper expertise travelling with us so that we can offer same day repairs.

Trusting the power and knowledge of our company is wise. Our services do not merely aim at solving problems but also at preventing them. That's important, too. If you have underestimated the value of garage door maintenance so far, think of how great it will be if all parts were properly lubricated, adjusted, repaired, checked and tightened at all times. You simply wouldn't have any problems. If you wouldn't have any problems, you wouldn't have to worry about your safety. Isn't that important to everyone? We can assure you that our services guarantee your safety.

Maintaining Garage Door Opener Security

Security technology has advanced to prevent criminals from compromising the system, but even they are beginning to catch up.

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Maintaining Automatic Garage Door Openers

Openers these days are equipped with state-of-the-art features that are set to activate if something goes wrong

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